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Guitar Lessons


Before signing up for lessons, please read the following:

  • Registration fee is $100/month.

  • Minimum of three (4) lessons required.

  • All lessons are taught "one on one" and require that the student owns a guitar.

  • Student is required to attend each lesson promptly as scheduled.

  • Student is required to practice 3 hours per week during course period.

  • Payment is due at the beginning of each lesson.


* Brief interview will be conducted to     determine the customized course level needs.

Level 1 - Beginner

Introduction to Guitar

Finger Exercises

Scales & Chords

Music Theory I


Level 2 - Intermediate

Music Theory II

Fingerboard Exercises

Using Scales, Chords, Melody & Harmony


Level 3 - Advanced

Music Theory III

Guitar Techniques

Substitutions & Modes


Each of these lessons is designed to help you develop musically.

Sponsors & Donations


Level 1 


  • Free G.O. Music Studio T- Shirt

  • Discounts on Merchandising

  • Discounts on performances

Level 2

  $40 monthly

  • Registered students receive Two (2) guitar lessons each  month (by appointment)

  • 50% off T-Shirts

Level 3

  •  $30 monthly – Provide for general operational & overhead costs

Discount on performance fees

Vendors' Sponsorship

  • Negotiable per Client

* General Donations *

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* Initial Interview will be conducted to determine course level and will answer the following questions:

  1. What style or type of music does the student want to play?

  2. What style or type of music does the student listen to primarily?

  3. How much time does the student commit to practicing the recommended material?



Written assignments will teach the following:

  • Recognition of musical notes

  •  Fingerboard diagrams of scales & chords

  • Playing by ear and reading sheet music


 And much more…


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